What is Squirting?

The origin of the word:

Squirting was initially a term used with men in pornographic scenes…and it is the act of ejaculating semen. Then this very term, became constantly used in relation with the female orgasm, also in Porn.

Squirting in females is the act of emitting a gush of massive fluids, during vaginal climax.

Before I get into the details of it…I must first bring to your knowledge that Squirting’s sexy reputation is strictly tied to Porn alone.

The Porn industry is directed to a special audience…and that audience is “The Men”!

Among the fantasies that make men highly aroused, is the female genitals getting “wet”…the more wetness…the better…In the male’s mind…this “wet drippy pussy” idea is “hot”. It symbolizes she is “horny” and the man is pleasing her well.

A woman orgasming, feeds a man’s ego…it means he is doing great in bed. But most men are aware that Orgasms can be faked…

Therefore, in their mind, if that orgasm is manifested in the physical form of a “squirt” then it must be a “Real Orgasm” as far as it concerns the man.

Add to that the heavy amount of “wetness” when a woman “ejaculates”…not just its visually and psychologically sexy…but it means she genuinely had an uncontrollable intense orgasm…she couldn’t hold her “cum”.

The man feels like a king!

This, all of course, is not my opinion. This is how porn programs men to think. Moreover, unfortunately, Porn is what sets their expectations in real life sex.

Porn make men believe that “squirting” is very common. That it is related to the man’s skills and it’s very easy to happen if the man puts his heart into it.

They are gradually programmed into believing that Women’s ejaculation is very real and common

Try watching this act every other day in porn and you yourself will be convinced it is very common.

However, according to real women. It is not that familiar. Moreover, in the rare cases this actually happens. It is slightly different than how Porn portrays it.

Now let us discuss Squirting in the real world….

Squirting by definition is the “involuntary” act of “ejaculating” massive fluids during Climax. This fluid is usually located in the bladder, and it is emitted from the pee hole.

If it’s from the bladder and comes out from the urethral hole…does that mean It is Pee?

According to real life experiences…when Scientists examined this fluid in the lab.

It turns out that it definitely has percentage of uric acid in it…(Urine) sometimes mixed with other fluids that are usually secreted when the G Spot is intensely stimulated…like a woman’s natural wetness.

I don’t like to pee during sex…Can I empty my bladder to avoid peeing?

While some women make sure they’ve emptied their bladder right before sex, this doesn’t mean that they will not squirt pee during Orgasm.

Simply because, during the sexual stimulation of the vagina, it has been noticed, in women who reported squirting, that their once emptied bladder, fills up with fluid solely due to being sexually stimulated…that all happens during the sexual act.

That fluid is controversial…some scientists believe it comes from the kidney…other speculate it forms from the female prostate (the G spot) …but what is certain, is that it forms inside the bladder and is (INVOLUNTARILY) ejaculated from the pee hole…and it does contain urine!

However, it’s certainly not something a woman CAN control…Squirting is not voluntary.

So if I squirt or pee during sex, does it mean I am abnormal?

A woman urinating during Climax is not something strange to biology.

Many women actually can reach intense orgasm simply by holding up their pee. Others feel the urge to urinate when either their Clitoris or G spot is intensely stimulated and close to orgasm.

Some don’t pee…while others do…either by squirting pee…or simply secreting the fluid/the pee in a quiet gentle manner…And others simply “cum” by secreting a mild amount of white thick fluid.

While most men don’t want to think of a woman urinating in sex…to avoid being mentally turned off…and they prefer seeing her “squirting clear sweet” fluid instead. Like that chick from the porn.

In real life that is not possible. What a woman (whether in Porn or in real life) squirts during climax will have a gentle or a strong smell of pee…and will contain inevitably the biological parts of urine.

Even few porn stars admitted that what they squirt during the scenes is pee and they “voluntarily” do it.

In Biology, due to how the female organs are located, G Spot being the internal opposite side of her Clitoris and how those erogenous zones are compressed in between the bladder and the urethra.

It’s very common that a woman will experience the need to pee during orgasm…or will experience a close feeling to orgasm simply by flexing her Kegels muscles while her bladder is full.

According to Science not Porn.

Many women do pee when they are near orgasm or right at it. It’s not necessarily in the classical pornographic way (it rarely is like porn, to be honest); a massive ejaculation fluid in the air!

As a woman who can see how porn influence the understanding of men and their unrealistic expectations in sex.

I advise women who read this article

You are the inspiration to Porn’s idea of squirting…

You are very normal and Sexy….

Do not doubt yourselves….

However, be smart and do not call it Pee…

While Science assures us all it is in fact Urine…Men might not be aroused by that idea. So keep your man blinded about what you know about squirt and urine.

Exactly like the fact that most men DO know that porn actress are faking orgasm…yet they choose not to believe it’s an act, because this is a mental turn off.

My advice to you…if you pee during climax…like porn…twist the whole theme into a sexy one..

Don’t say “oops I just wet myself…eww I think its pee!”

Say, “oh baby you made me “squirt!” Moreover, get very excited about it like you’re blessed with a king of sex!

Even if he smelled pee…he’d be happy to “think of it “as intense fluid of pleasure…just the way Porn represents it to be…so it’s your job to change his perception and call it Squirt or Cum…never say “pee”.

If you want to learn something from porn…it’s how it brainwash men into believing that something disgusting and fake, can be twisted mentally into a highly arousing theme.

If you were talented enough to pull off the act of porn stars…and actually pee a little during orgasm and make it look like you couldn’t control the “pleasure”…I guarantee you, your man will believe it!

Can I squirt even though I was never a squirter?

This is a very controversial question…

In my personal opinion, Cumming or squirting has a lot to do with how a man stimulates a woman’s Vagina.

The double stimulation of Clitoris with the G Spot and the vaginal wall, together, can definitely stimulate this feeling of pressure on the bladder and the need to orgasm and pee.

But that requires a man’s understanding of what pleases his woman down there…and how to make her orgasm according to what she prefers in terms of pace, pressure and the psychological arousal as well…

Remember…being aroused is not just a matter of physical stimulation. You need to be also relaxed and aroused in your mind before your body.

Pressure is the enemy…

Those who squirt are usually relaxed not pressured by their men to orgasm…and those who are pressured (like porn stars) they act…and they pee and they fake the whole thing quite skillfully.

So…squirter or not.

Sex is all about the ride not the Destination.

Enjoy the Ride!

And if your man insists to apply Porn on you and pressures you to squirt or secrete something…then simply chill and relax and put back the pressure on him…

“Any woman can squirt if her man is dedicated to her pleasure and knows his way to her right spots…so baby do your best 😉”

Even if you never squirt…you’ll enjoy the extra attention he’s giving to your special parts…who wouldn’t like that? 🙂

By Sara Essam
Just a passionate person interested in Psychology,
self development, and sexual knowledge

What do you think?

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