Wedding night, first night, last day as a Girl & first day as a lady!

The apprehension I got myself from the “wedding night” word only got Scenarios to my head who said what? Who had a bloody night? Who was not able to have full penetration that day and the list goes on forever…..

God intended sex inside marriage to unfold the body soul connector and that happens inside outside the bed, halfway of successful marriages starts with sex and communication.

So such a beneficial information should not be handed by personal experiences as we never come in the same basket.

But let me introduce you to the 101 wedding night guide that almost fits everyone and it will be taking you through Do’s, Don’ts and other important tips and tricks for night number one with that special someone you will be spending the rest of your life with!

Voila, the wedding ceremony is over, let’s assume you are not having your period because if you do, please only think of the amount of sleep you’ll be getting that night; just kidding !!

If it happens and you are on your period, a very slight foreplay, cuddles and body exploration is for you tonight.

If not !!

That would take us to the preparations, for a less stress, enjoyable, pressure free and non judgmental night.

Quick Tips to consider before starting:

  1. It might, might not happen so no stressing about it.
  2. 90% of the ladies doesn’t orgasm in general, so don’t think about why i didn’t orgasm that night “ Nothing is wrong with you” on the first night if it happens “ lucky you”, if not, other positions might help you better later or some external stimulation.
  3. Lubricants all the wayyyyyy ! if you don’t feel like pharmaceutical lubricants “olive oil – coconut oil” will be your best friend and some water based lubricants are perfect for the Condom case.
  4. Patience and relaxation is the keyword.
  5. Bleed or not, nothing is wrong with you both ways “ 70% of the girls don’t bleed at all”.
  6. If you will be on contraception pills, please note and expect to be a bit dry” also not all cases are the same” it is totally ok #3 will help you!
  7. First night positions are minimal, Missionary, backdoor planking and the butterfly “search them online but the most preferably is the missionary position of course and below you will see the why”.


  1. No expectations, let it go like that, no matter what he says don’t distract or pressure yourself “ Guys like to show off”.
  2. Guys get most of the sex education from porn so he will be trying to imitate, that’s totally fine “ we are here to learn together”.
  3. Learn to say NO, if you are not comfortable with anything, speak it loud and compensate with something else that you are ok with.
  4. Ice breaking is a needed, maybe let’s have dinner first and then lets the fun begin.
  5. Communication, Communication, Communication and Communication that’s the GEM, talk a lot about it, about everything he is your partner.
  6. Hello girls, Fantasies are totally ok, no matter what he loves, it’s a personal preference, and you can also talk about the reasons disturbing you in that!
  7. Confidence is Sexy, he chose you already so he loves you the way you are so just relaxxxxxx put on some sexy lingerie to enhance your sexiness and focus on romance.
  8. Anything and everything that will be happening, even if you have info is new once you are practicing Live, so that’s totally fine to get some errors.
  9. If you are worried because your partner is experienced than you, tell him because worrying is a distraction too and no rule said you have to do it like a porn star 😉
  10. Know what he likes, what turns him on, the moves, positions, if he likes talking while having sex or no and high or low moans person!
  11. It’s totally ok if you swallow his semen “you wont get pregnant”, only if you feel ok with it and make sure he eats pineapples or drinks green tea or cinnamon for a better taste.
  12. Nothing is not allowed except Anal, other than that if you both approve something then it’s fine, even if nobody does but you.
  13. You will need a little bit of leverage, maybe a pillow and don’t worry about the hotel!
  14. No rules, you might do it 100 times and you might do it for 2 times its according to your tolerance and his ability and none of them is wrong.
  15. Unpleasant noises are totally ok…nothing to be embarrassed about, you will be hearing him burp and fart later.
  16. Pain is bearable, “remember filler injections hurt too :)” just be the guest, relax“ a new visitor is penetrating for action tonight” and that’s pleasurable too.
  17. Making him happy will make you happy YES, but don’t do effort trying to prove that the first time, but believe me practice makes perfect!!
  18. First nights are not made to be mind blowing, remember this moment will be remembered lifetime anyways, so don’t seek anything.

What you can do:

  1. Smell good all the time, perfume and hygienically as well.
  2. Relax.
  3. Use Lubricants.
  4. Foreplayyyyyyy!
  5. Let him lead, You only watch learn and Validate.
  6. Daily pads will be needed for the secretions next day.
  7. Make sure you don’t wash with soap down there, there is a specific wash for intimacy.
  8. Small towels beside bed, for the Finaleeeeeee and it’s better than wipes and tissue paper.
  9. Shower together next morning its a plus.

The wedding night is nothing but a starter for the main dish, it’s the right moment to feel amazed  to be with one another as a married couple for forever so don’t ruin it by anything neither worries, stress nor pressure seeking perfection.

Moreover, that night i call it “the premiere” doesn’t measure anything but the massive happiness, romance and uniting these moments will pass and years later sex gets better. Remember, the first night will always be a monumental no matter what happened within make it a good memory.

Enjoy it, relax and slay….

By Maissoun Khaled 
A marketeer, painter and passionate writer

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