Misr El Kheir (El Gharemat Program)

Project Overview:

Misr El Kheir foundation has been supporting El Gharemat since 2010. It’s a program supporting debtors, those who are in debt and are unable to pay back their creditors, in order to help them solve their problems. In addition, it helps them find a sustainable source of income, through small projects, collective projects, or a regular monthly payment.

The main objective of Misr El Kheir is to provide a suitable life for El Gharemat after leaving the prison, by establishing suitable projects for those able to work, to provide a monthly income.

Since 2010, when they started this project, they have achieved supporting ad helping more than 50,000 of El Gharemat after paying off their debits, and provided them with job opportunities to El Gharemat through the establishment of 5 factories to manufacture and decorate the manual carpet industry in Abeis, based on training to El Gharemat and providing them with job opportunities by teaching them craft Manufacture handmade carpets according to international specifications.