Accepting Vs. Expecting

Always keep your expectations low so you won’t get disappointed. A well-known phrase that we always say it to each other and sometimes to our own selves. Convincing ourselves that when we think like that we will avoid disappointments.

Well I hate to tell you this but after all these years we were comprehending the above phrase the wrong way. Probably that is why we don not get satisfied as we expect from it. Oops I expected again!!
Have you ever thought about expectations differently or the other way round? Ok, when you expect what actually happen is that you simply limit your infinite possibilities out there that can be much more satisfying to you than your expected “best case scenario” so, when we keep our expectations low, we are actually not compromising or settling for less as we always tell ourselves. On the contrary we are setting ourselves free from our own limiting beliefs.
For example when we are having financial problems or facing some obstacles in our career life. In some cases according to our own expectations regarding these problems , we decide that we only have a one way out our minds are set upon to resolve the issue.

By this our mind is unconsciously crossing out all the infinite solutions that might occur, unfortunately you will miss out on them and will not be able to see them even if they are crystal clear in front of you. We need to try to accept the facts as they happen first, this will allow us to observe the whole picture clearly without resisting the happenings.
Acceptance doesn’t mean we are giving up or settling for something we don’t want, on the contrary it is the place where you get to break free of all the limitation by choosing to see all the available standards that you might have not known that they even exist. It is when you decide to take a step backward and see through a wider perception.
It is not only realizing that everything happens for a reason, but also that every reason is happening for your own good.

Dare to accept and see it all with it’s good and the bad side, because it is not only the good that adds to you, without the bad you will not be able to learn and choose the good and cherish it.
Accept to choose, accept the unknown, accept infinite doors and ways, accept unexpected love, unexpected turns and accept unexpected talents, potentials and faces of your own self that you never knew about before.
Embrace and do not resist let life flow through you with all its possibilities.
Accept the unexpected.


By Azza Abdel Aziz
Azza is a certified life coach from (IFCNLP) international
federation for coaching & NLP started her career in coaching
3 years ago & got her master degree in NLP in 2016.
She conducts one on one & group coaching sessions.
She is also a frequent guest on several TV & Radio shows.

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